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16m ³ traction type full mixed ration preparation machine

It mainly produces four series of diesel engine supporting products, namely crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder liner and heat exchanger, and a series of animal husbandry machinery products, such as TMR preparation machine.

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Product Introduction

Total mixed ration (TMR) preparation technology is the key equipment to realize nutritional feeding of ruminants. The self-propelled TMR preparation machine integrates reclaimer, mixer and spreader into one, with high reclaimer accuracy, flexible operation, improved production efficiency and better TMR preparation quality. It is a good choice for large-scale pastures, especially small and medium-sized pastures, to improve accurate feeding level, reduce costs and improve benefits.

This machine is a new generation of cattle farm feeding equipment developed on the basis of digesting foreign advanced technology. It can feed all kinds of hay, farming straw, silage and other fiber feed and concentrate feed directly. The walking TMR feed mixer integrates mixing and spreading, with one machine and two machines. It can be mixed while moving, directly thrown and fed in the cattle farm, without external power, and can be stirred while walking. Save time and labor.

Enterprise strength


The company mainly produces crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder liner, heat exchanger four series of diesel engine supporting products, and TMR preparation machine and other series of animal husbandry machinery products. It is the key supporting unit of China Development Group Corporation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Zibo Diesel Engine Corporation, Zichai Qingdao Boyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., and Zibo New Energy Co., Ltd. The company is divided into four workshops, a total of more than 230 sets of equipment, special aircraft, etc., the company also has a physical and chemical laboratory, equipped with various types of test equipment, with mechanical processing, riveting, heat treatment, nitriding, flaw detection, electrostatic spraying, Physical and chemical inspection as one of the comprehensive production capacity. It has the annual production of 3000 crankshafts of various types of marine diesel engines. 30000 connecting rods; 2000 cylinder liners; 4000 sets (pieces) of various intake pipes and coolers; The production capacity of more than 600 sets of various animal husbandry machinery.

Our factory purpose

People-oriented, integrity first, quality win, user first. Enhance the perfect service consciousness, the pursuit of customer satisfaction goals.

Our Quality Policy

Establish the concept of product quality and strengthen continuous improvement measures.


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