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Zichai 6150 intake pipe

It mainly produces four series of diesel engine supporting products, namely crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder liner and heat exchanger, and a series of animal husbandry machinery products, such as TMR preparation machine.

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Intake pipe



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Product Introduction

The intake pipe is one of the most different structural parts between an electronically controlled fuel injection engine and a chemical engine. Because only air flows through the intake pipe of the EFI engine, the dynamic effects (inertia effect and fluctuation effect) of the intake pipe should be fully considered when designing the intake pipe structure to improve the charging efficiency, and the uniformity of the intake air should also be considered. The intake system is well dynamically matched with the engine, so that the torque characteristics of the engine can be greatly improved in a wide speed range. In practical applications, there are intake pipes with a specific length designed according to a specific speed region and using the inertia effect and fluctuation effect during intake, and there are also intake pipes with a variable length.

processing technology

The intake pipe includes an intake main pipe and an intake branch pipe. In addition to the power requirements of the engine, but also must have a good economy and emission performance. In gasoline engines, the intake pipe must also consider combustion atomization, evaporation, distribution, and the use of pressure waves. On diesel engines, airflow is also required to form an intake vortex in the cylinder through the intake port to improve mixture formation and combustion. These requirements often contradict each other. For example, in order to obtain high speed and high power, the diameter of the intake pipe should be larger, while for medium and low speed economic considerations, the intake pipe should be smaller, so it must be coordinated according to the purpose.

Enterprise strength

The company mainly produces crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder liner, heat exchanger four series of diesel engine supporting products, and TMR preparation machine and other series of animal husbandry machinery products. It is the key supporting unit of China Development Group Corporation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Zibo Diesel Engine Corporation, Zichai Qingdao Boyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., and Zibo New Energy Co., Ltd. The company is divided into four workshops, a total of more than 230 sets of equipment, special aircraft, etc., the company also has a physical and chemical laboratory, equipped with various types of test equipment, with mechanical processing, riveting, heat treatment, nitriding, flaw detection, electrostatic spraying, Physical and chemical inspection as one of the comprehensive production capacity. It has the annual production of 3000 crankshafts of various types of marine diesel engines. 30000 connecting rods; 2000 cylinder liners; 4000 sets (pieces) of various intake pipes and coolers; The production capacity of more than 600 sets of various animal husbandry machinery.

Our factory purpose

People-oriented, integrity first, quality win, user first. Enhance the perfect service consciousness, the pursuit of customer satisfaction goals.

Our Quality Policy

Establish the concept of product quality and strengthen continuous improvement measures.


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