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Special 8170 fresh water cooler for Zichai

It mainly produces four series of diesel engine supporting products, namely crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder liner and heat exchanger, and a series of animal husbandry machinery products, such as TMR preparation machine.

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Fresh water cooler


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Product Introduction

A cooler is a type of heat exchange device used to cool a fluid. Water or air is usually used as a coolant to remove heat. Mainly can be divided into tube cooler, plate cooler and air-cooled cooler. The cooler is a heat exchange device commonly used in metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, transportation, light industry, food and other industrial sectors. It is suitable for different working conditions such as cooler, condensation, heating, evaporation, waste heat recovery, etc. Therefore, in many kinds of heat exchanger, cooler, tube heat exchanger is still in an important position.

Key features:

1. The finned tube has multiple grooves with optimized size, which increases the flow disturbance and improves the heat transfer efficiency.

2. The use of expanding tube technology greatly improves the sealing and reliability of the end plate.

Installation method

The installation method of the cooler is divided into vertical oil cooler and horizontal oil cooler. The vertical cooler has the characteristics of small installation area and convenient installation. Horizontal oil cooler has the characteristics of small pressure drop and strong water impact resistance. Therefore, vertical or horizontal oil cooler is correctly selected according to different sites, space height, and performance requirements to better meet the needs of generator sets and other equipment.

Enterprise strength

The company mainly produces crankshaft, connecting rod, cylinder liner, heat exchanger four series of diesel engine supporting products, and TMR preparation machine and other series of animal husbandry machinery products. It is the key supporting unit of China Development Group Corporation of the Ministry of Agriculture, Zibo Diesel Engine Corporation, Zichai Qingdao Boyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd., and Zibo New Energy Co., Ltd. The company is divided into four workshops, a total of more than 230 sets of equipment, special aircraft, etc., the company also has a physical and chemical laboratory, equipped with various types of test equipment, with mechanical processing, riveting, heat treatment, nitriding, flaw detection, electrostatic spraying, Physical and chemical inspection as one of the comprehensive production capacity. It has the annual production of 3000 crankshafts of various types of marine diesel engines. 30000 connecting rods; 2000 cylinder liners; 4000 sets (pieces) of various intake pipes and coolers; The production capacity of more than 600 sets of various animal husbandry machinery.

Our factory purpose

People-oriented, integrity first, quality win, user first. Enhance the perfect service consciousness, the pursuit of customer satisfaction goals.

Our Quality Policy

Establish the concept of product quality and strengthen continuous improvement measures.


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